Stiletto Paper Airplane

Introduction: Stiletto Paper Airplane

This plane is an idea off of the Wacky Flier but the Stiletto can be thrown much harder and faster than the Wacky Flier.

Step 1: Materials

-14"X8.5" sheet of paper
-hands that are ready to fold

Step 2: Fold Middle

Fold down the middle lengthwise then unfold

Step 3: Fold Corners, Then Edges

Fold both corners to the middle, then take the newly creased edges and fold to the middle. Unfold all.

Step 4: Fold, Inverse Fold

Line the previous crease with the middle then inverse fold the crease lined up with the middle to the outside. Do the same with the other side.

Step 5: Dog Ears

Fold both top edges down along the creases to create a 90 degree angle. Refer to the pictures. Take one of the corners on the top flap (created from the previous fold) and bring the corner upward so both edges line up. Inverse fold to underneath. Do the same for the other side.

Step 6: The Nose, or the Lack Thereof

Fold from point to point horizontally to make the top layer into a 45-90-45 triangle. Fold tip to top edge. Fold the top edge down along the previous crease thus creating a new one. Unfold all. There should be three new, horizontal creases.

Step 7: Refold Front, But in a Different Manner

Take the previous crease and refold along it, creating the top edge. Next, fold the top edge to the bottom crease closer to the tip. Fold the tip up. Almost done

Step 8: Wings

Fold the wings, by matching the top edges with the bottom edge.

Step 9: Forming the Loop... and Finished

Curl front. Insert into pocket and pinch leading edge of the tube firmly.

Now you have created the second most deadliest dart plane in my collection. Give it a hard chuck and watch it soar 70+ feet! My best dart plane is the Blackbird. I suggest when you get the chance you should check that out.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Are you at all doubtful in it's ability to fly? I will admit it does look a little odd but circles can fly, just look at Straw Glider by MrJB