Still Smoking? Watch This - (HD Wide Screen Edition-Full Length)




Thanks from Youtube for HD facilities now.
Based on many e-mails and requests I have received
for uploading an HD Wide Screen of my 400 Cigarettes Experiment
Video,now this new edition is available from Samimy Productions
on my YT Channel.
Details & new Subtitles are added.

Also Aspect Ratio is fixed for
HQ playback on Mobile-Phones.




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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I'm surprised that nobody noticed that at the beginning of the unboxing portion of this "experiement" all the cigarettes in the pile are totally unfiltered. The newly unboxed cigs have filters. At the end of the unboxing the unfiltered have been totally hidden by the filters.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Um, not that it matters as far as the over-all 'effect' is concerned, but your vacuum machine captures ALL of the combustion product of a cigarette--not the twenty to thirty percent which actually gets inhaled via 'normal' smoking. Sorry to pick nits about such a powerful demonstration, but it's an important one to pick.

    . . .And yeah, what's up with the gloves for the bulk of the preparation, and none for the actual handling of the tar? Can hyperbole be 'visual'? :-)

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    in response to jjrulz, transquesta, and imakethings...

    your arguments are all valid, however consider the effects of smoking a pack a day over many years. while (let's be generous) 50% of the smoke (and tar) is exhaled, and different levels of tar are smoked, and the machine caught the majority of the tar, you will still be left with a very large amount of crap in your lungs. the body can only clear out so much.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great example! Sure there are ways to pick apart your ible- but the concept stays the same. Perhaps you should do the math and edit it in.... that way the total weight is accurate... perhaps even do a table and post a pic for the different brands.

    If I could take a camera into a college lab and show people what happens to the insides of a human, I would. Tissues are rubbery and discolored, especially adipose( fat ) is stained from cigarette use. Imagine, it is not just your lungs. Vascular tissues are tough and yellow. Truly disgusting.

    God bless this ible. Maybe people will think more about their health, than they do their dogs- you know who you are!!! Dog food snobs~LOL!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Im not going to try and say smoking is not detrimental to your health, but this is an invalid experiment.

    1. As people have already mentioned, its flawed in that most of that would not have stayed in the persons body and as such the resulting tar from an experiment which accounted for that would be much less.

    2. You used extremley high tar cigarettes, I suspect the highest you could find in your area. 18mg? Seriously? I have never met someone who smokes 18mg cigarettes, generally the highest is 16. I smoke 4mg cigarettes, sometimes 8mg. I would say these are most common, they go lower as well.

    Your trying to send a good message here but your experiment is very misleading and again, i suspect you are aware of this.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i definitely would have made a rig that would have allowed for more cigarettes to be "smoked" at once....entirely too much effor for my blood.

    also, i find it funny that you wore gloves to handle the cigarettes but you were playing with hot tar bare handed.