Still Wings




The patterns on a Budgie`s (a Bird from the parrot familia) feather (wings),transformed into a 3D skulpture.

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    4 Discussions

    Do you have a reference shot of the feather/pattern you startet with? I like the design, and I'd appreciate if you could share how you made it.

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    Thanks.Well,I just have a sketch of the pattern,then just improvised while i was making it. Unfortunately i don`t have any step-by-step how to pics.


    I think I cann see now where you came from. Interresting interpretation. What is the sculpture made of? What materials and techniques did you use?

    Firstly I made a wireframe model(with chords and masking tape) for the whole thing to be stable.Then worked my way out with air-hardening modelling clay,slowly covering everything. I liked the finger prints as texture,so i didn`t paint it over.But its possible to get good results with water based acrylic paint.