Stilts for a Giant-costume

Introduction: Stilts for a Giant-costume

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These are some stilts I made for my daughter and for myself.
Since I build myself some stilts some years ago, my daughter always wanted them too,she loves circus (a I do ass well). So I made her a bit shorter versions then mine and as you can see, she can walk on them pretty well.
The ones I build where especially for a night-dropping with ghost story in the woods. With the school I work at, every year we go on an introduction-camp for first-years. The ghost-night is successful part of the program. Since we officially don't celebrate Halloween in Holland (however it is more and more adopted in parties and such around this time of year) I thought this would be an appropriated enough instructable for Halloween.

The stilts are pretty straight forward in construction. (some guidelines and tips)
  • The ones you see my daughter is wearing are made of the legs of an old beechwood chair, but upside down. Doing so I created stilts pointing a bit forward so that the balancing-point is more under the feet, which it makes it easier to walk on.
  • For the joining I used metal angles, usually used for housebuilding, so strong enough I would think. These where also used for the "ankle-stops". I just used normal Phillips-head screws
  • For the straps I used nylon and bugles from old duffel-bags and backpacks. The big padded straps for the knees where made from the shoulder straps from an old backpack.
  • remember to make the part which is attached to the leg just as long as the calves from the person wearing them. the straps are attached just under the knees.
Here a little clip of my daughter walking on the stilts. (Music is Alkmaars volkslied by Studio Kreusch, my former band, long a go ;-))

Further short instructions in the picture-notes.
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