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Introduction: Stimulating Cat Food Bowl

I liked the Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station on Think Geek for my cat that inhales food then later exhales it in a very unpleasant manner. The description said that said it would stimulate your cat, keep them from overeating, and keep them from eating too fast. The obvious solution was to make one...right? I hope he's happy with not barfing anymore.

I taped the box closed and traced around the cups I would be using. Then attached the circle cutter to my Dremel & set it to 10,000 RPMs and cut out and removed the inside measurement of the circle, so the cup's rim would sit on top of the cardboard and not fall in. I used 6 oz. party cups so that the kitties could easily put their head in the cup or use their paw to eat with. One cat likes to try to stick his whole head in, and the other likes to grab food with her paw. My grey and white cat hasn't quite figured it out yet, so we still give him a bowl sometimes, but he's doing better.

So here are some videos of the cats feeding themselves. Enjoy!



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    Thanks for the 'ible, and the videos too! Love that water fountain, even though it sorta looks like a urinal.

    I made it! But my cat doesn't use it and spends most of the night pawing my face to tell me to put food down for her. I used a shoe box and 4 different size cups/jars. I thought it'd be fine because she's a little cat and very smart but I'm thinking it's too hard for her. I like the idea of them being able to stick their head in it.

    Anyone else experience this?

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    My male kitty took about a week to actually use it. I would grab his paw and put it in the tube and pull food out with his paw. Maybe that helped, or maybe it was just crazy human antics and he figured it out on his own.

    I'm going to make one of these for my cats. One always munches all the food before the other has a chance to get to it! It's the first time I've seen it. I love the second video. He's like "ok, I'll do it. Done. Wait, you're still filming? Ok I'll do it again. Oh, once more. Ok, so I've done it three times now. Wait, you want ANOTHER? Ok, fine - there, done. Still filming? You know what - I'm leaving.

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    Bwahaha, I laughed when I watched it again just now.

    I should mention, we cat sat for my Mom-in-law, and her kitty is apparently smarter than ours, he climbed his fat ass on top of the food box and toppled the whole thing, food was all over the kitchen, and he gave me a look as is to say' "Nice try human." So you might have to put a brick in the box if you do something like this. (;

    Love it. Love the diamond collar too. It reminds me of a James Bond cat. Inside the diamond collar is the secret decoder chip which requires purr print identification. So, only the owner can activate the secret missile.

    Great idea. I think I'm going to try this!

    What is the yellow thing floating in your Drinkwell fountain? Is it just a cat toy they flicked in there, or something magic that will make the car fur not glom (yes, that's a technical term) onto the edge of the motor?

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    I was looking at getting one of those Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station too but making one would be so much cheaper. On thing I was thinking of that could help pose a challenge to the cats is instead of 9oz cups get some cheap plastic shot glasses at a dollar store or maybe even a combination of the 2 different kinds of cups.

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    I had originally considered cutting up different size PVC pipe and securing them together with a zip tie. I like the shot glass idea.

    Cool! I should make one of these, my cats getting a bit chubby/lazy and can use some stimulation.