Stocking Gift Bag

for this you will need
cloth (red and white)
some methode to sew
some sewing skills


Step 1: Prepare

first you need to find an stocking image, then you need to cut it out and cut a cuff off the stocking.
then you need to trace the cuff on some white cloth and then cutt it. make two
then take the other piece and trace it some red cloth. make two ( I would trace it once and then fold it in halph and cut it)

Step 2: Sew

sew a cuff to a stocking. put a bad stocking piece side to a good cuff side. do the same to the other pieces.

Step 3: Sew Again

sew the stocking pieces to gether with the nice sides together on the inside. do not sew the cuffs together! I repeat do not sew the cuffs together!

Step 4: Invert

now turn everything in side out. so that the nice side is on the out side

Step 5: Sew One More

now you can sew the cuffs together.

Step 6: Finish

now all you need is to roll the cuff down so that it looks nice.

Step 7: Stuff It

stuff the stocking with what ever you whant. tell me in the comments what you would put it.



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