Stocks / Pillory




Introduction: Stocks / Pillory


Heavy duty skids 2-3 (depending on the quality may need more or less)
Dowels (optional)
Course drywall screws (i used 1-1/4in & 3in)
Wood glue (optional)
Heavy duty hinge
2 different size hole saws
Drill & bits
Paint (optional)

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Step 1: Top

Layout the top part on a table. Secure them together temporally (these will be removed later). Once secured find your center point. Drill your big hole (for the neck/head). From that center point measure over the wrist holes and use your smaller hole saw. For the 2 hole sizes i used a 2in for the small ones and a 4-1/4in i would suggest going a little bit bigger.

Step 2: Top - Part 2

Once u have finished everything, holes and all. Mount the hinge while every thing is matching up. Once that is done, take off the boards u used to secure everything. U now should have a working stock. I added some end supports where it open and closed. I also added a latch. (All black)

Step 3: Bottom

For the bottom i went over board. I chiseled out to top 2 support boards to fit the stock top part and then drilled holes with a forstner bit for the dowels to go through. More for ascetics. U can skip that and mount it however u want. Same with the base i kinda winged it. As u can see in the pic i added some more accent parts.

Step 4: Final - Decorating

I added red, black paint and some red spray paint. Dripped it down from the openings. I let it drip on everything to make it look more realistic. I also used red spray paint for. Accent. Lastly to make it look more aged i hit it with my mini torch and burned the wood in many spots.

Step 5: Accessories

Last image is some PVC i cut in to small sections to make them look like hand cuffs and a neck cuffs. I spray painted them black first and then hit them lightly with some rustolem weathered paint. Looks like rough metal. Im gonna add chains and some other effects once we get closer to halloween but this is one of many more projects to come.

Step 6:

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    5 years ago

    Ha ha. I was thinking what I could have done with this when the kids were growing up.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Warren Buffett does recommend a balance between stocks and bondage.