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We recently moved to a new city full of hope, excitement and NAIVETY!
We never expected that our mail would be stolen. Well, it has and this is a step I have taken to assure that it will never happen again.
We'll see.
I have created a "Tracking Device" out of parts I had lying around. Your "Tracking Device" can be of any configuration. I figure that if you are dumb enough to steal people's mail, then you are likely to fall for this gag. I doesn't really do anything other than light up and it could possible get you into trouble with the post office if you actually send it. I recommend that you pull it out of your box before the mailman arrives.

Step 1: Items Needed:

Tools Needed:
Wire Stripper
Regular Screwdriver
Glue Gun

Items Needed:
Spare Remote Control
2032 Coin Battery
LED Bulb or buld if you can't spell
A Bit Of Wire
A Nice Card
A Pen to write a nice note

Step 2: Let's Build This

Bust open your remote control.
Remove all of the parts.
Glue the LED to the battery
Glue the wire to the board.
Cut the keypad and glue it to the board.
Glue the LED to the board.
Be sure to write a classy letter on your card (see my example below).
Address and stamp your card and leave in your mailbox overnight.
Check back here often for my results and to post your own.

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    Tater Zoid

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure how the mailman would be able to get the letters we are sending. We had been putting the letters out in the evening before bed and that's when the thieves strike. We drop them in the local mailbox now or put them out in the morning before work, that seems to solve the problem for now. Thanks for the advice, Man.

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    I had that same problem, so what I did was collect a bunch of my dogs poop, box it up for "ups" to pick up, place it in for out going mail with a note on the inside saying "stop stealing my s#it" hahahha, and they did XD


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    no insulting, but this idea is a little bit off sense, i mean putting a real poop for someone, even if he steal your mail, it's immature.
    beyond the fact that the post office worker who came to pick up your mail, as his job, need to get this "unpleasant gift".
    just think before you saying such a thing, and i'm talking to nekothecabbit and Sitherus, its really not funny joke...

    I had that same problem, so what I did was collect a bunch of my dogs poop, box it up for "ups" to pick up, place it in for out going mail with a note on the inside saying "stop stealing my s#it" hahahha, and they did XD

    If it were me, I'd find myself a USPS letterhead and print my note on it rather than handwriting a message. Maybe something along the lines of "By opening this package, you have activated a tracking device within intended to instantly locate stolen mail". Upon opening this package, your exact location and address were transmitted to a Satellite, and the authorities. Stealing mail is a federal offense, and if the customer chooses to file charges you will be arrested and prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law"

    I'd find one of those flat RFID stickers that many stores use in DVD's to prevent theft. Neatly stick that in the top corner of your letter.. No need to build a complex device.. I think that keeping it Simple would be better.

    I'm sure that it's illegal to misrepresent the USPS, So, take this with a grain of salt. Then again, if you are putting a piece of mail, addressed to yourself, in your mailbox, I doubt the thief will file a complaint because you pretended to be The Mail Man.. I would definitely report the thefts to the Post office ASAP so that it's fully documented. They may send an investigator out to dust your mailbox for prints. Most petty criminals will be on file...

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    Thank you for the suggestions, John. I wanted to have fun with this so I made it ridiculous and a little over the top. I do not plan on mailing this as it looks rather suspicious to begin with. I will put it in the mailbox tonight to see what happens though.