Stomach Flu





Introduction: Stomach Flu

      When your Kid or family member Gets the stomach flu you need to be extra careful about what you do. These are some do and don'ts when you or a family member gets Gastroenteritis.

Step 1: Prevention Is Better Then the Cure.

The best way to Treat the stomach flu is to not get it. Here are some way's to prevent the stomach flu.
1. Wash your hands.
2. keep Body clean
3. Prepare and store food properly.
4. Stay in clean environment whenever possible.
5. Eat healthy.
6. Take vitamins and minerals 

Step 2: Do's and Don'ts

1. Drink a lot of water.
2. Get lots of bed rest.  
3. Keep a bucket at the ready.
1. don't eat solids
2. don't drink Ginger Ale
3. don't move around very much

Step 3: Symptoms of Stomach Flu





stomach pains

Extreme tiredness 



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    6 Discussions

    Caution:Free medical advice published on the internet by amateurs is often worth less than you pay for it.

    Actually having had stomach flu on numerous occasions - water is not good - its hard to vomit - I usually drink coca cola - it restores lost sugars and if I do vomit it it easy to vomit.I usually eat Marie biscuits or tinned apples when I stop vomiting

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    Ugh! I ALWAYS get the stomach flu! You really must have a strong stomach. I can't THINK about pop whenever I'm sick! Like now: I am SO dizzy, stuffed up, headache, stomachache! What do I have? BTW, I already got a flu shot so it isn't the flu.

    actually, i used to get the stomach flu very frequently when i was younger, and i found that ginger ale (in few sips every once in a while) is way better than water. however, i used to eat ice chips too.

    No Ginger Ale? Why?

    And I think solids are good unless you're actively in the vomiting stage.

    Sorry, but the instructable is completely wrong except the first point: washing the hands. Trying to avoid the stomach flu taking the vitamins is like to try to avoid AIDS with vitamins and minerals too. The best could be to go to the hospital, because the vomit and a high temperature could not be caused only by the stomach flu.

    If you are sure that this is a stomach flu and you are older than 18 yo, the best advise is to take 50 gramm of vodka/gin/brandy - this really works event if it sounds crazy. Actually the last you want to do in case of stomach flu is to drink some alcohol but it somehow works :-)