Stone Engraving Hearts





Introduction: Stone Engraving Hearts

A simple art made by stone

Step 1:

things you need.Stone,rootary tool, Abrasive Stone,Abrasive Sanding Paper.

Step 2:

Draw harts on stone and start grind it outside

Step 3:

You finish with Abrasive Sanding Paper all around the stone for clearing and making smooth.You can paint with a GOLD METALLIC SPRA PAINT it look beautiful



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    3 Discussions

    recommend getting a diamond burr carving set. $5 for 20 on amazon just make sure you add water when cutting stone so you don't burn yoir bit

    can you make a video of this?

    This is really cool. Hearts say "I love you" but hearts made out of stone say "I will love you forever." I am going to try this for next Valentine's day.