Introduction: Chess-chair

I made a stool named Chess - Chair.

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Step 1: Data Creation

I created graphic data with 123D disign and moved the data to 123DMake.

It is a chair that imaged chess pieces.

From the gap of the figure you can see the shape of a continuous rhombus.


This chair tells us that there are various options in our life so that chess has various goal processes.


Step 2: Processed With Illustrator

PDF data of 123 DMake was processed with illustrator.

Line type(color): red(cutting line)

green(character line)

Line width : 0.001mm

Step 3: Trial Cut

I sent illustrator data to the laser processing machine and cut parts of the chair in order to cut the parts of the chair.

I was able to cut the board properly.

Step 4: Cutting

I will cut the MDF with a laser processing machine.

Step 5: Confirmation of Parts

I will list all the parts and check the parts that have been cut off.

I cut it additionally because I was missing.

Step 6: ​Assembly Work

We will assemble all parts together.

I made parts in advance and covered the parts that are difficult to assemble.

Step 7: Assembly Continuation

To assemble.

Step 8: Final Assembly

When you do not understand, check 123 Dmake.

Step 9: Assembly Is Over

Assembly finished.


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    3 years ago

    Interesting design! How comfortable is the top, in terms of weight distribution on the grid-like finish? Increasing the number of pieces slotted together would help with that, though it'd also lead to more parts to cut.