Step 1:

"The Royal Stool"

TRS is an interpretation of how furniture can be customized according to families.

In this case I wanted to imagine how they could be the furniture of the royal family of den haag. The logo of Den Haag was then reported on Rhino and modified using the Twistab information as the basis of the stool. (Http://

The second stool is always made using the twistab information but in this case I wanted to play a little bit with the idea that usually we become attached to furniture almost as if they were people, so I wanted to play on the fact that the stool took a humanoid shape.

Step 2: Drawing .3dm

Bring the drawings on rhino and place them on the wooden slab, the thickness of the chosen wood is important and should be as large as the spacing designed on the stools.

The two halves will have to be inserted one inside the other on a cross, so if the wood were to be thicker than the size drawn, these two would not fit together.

Step 3:

It is fundamental to divide the various lines into layers, so that the CNC machine understands where to cut and where to engrave.

Step 4: ..and Wait

The last step is to fix the wood slab to the machine and set the cutting speed. And wait.

Step 5:

If necessary, sand a little. Join the pieces and enjoy the new family member!



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    12 days ago

    ¡So royal! I love it.