Stop Automobile License Plates From Rattling or Cutting You

Introduction: Stop Automobile License Plates From Rattling or Cutting You

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Texas license plates are so thin ( I don't know about other states) and the other day I was cleaning my car and when I wiped around the license plate I ended up cutting some skin off my finger.

That's when the idea of folding the edges came about.

All you need is a pair of pliers, metal snipers, a hammer, a metal file and a piece of wood.

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Step 1: Cut a Notch Around the Screw Holes

For better clearance, cut a small notch around the area that will fold on top of the screw holes. This is not necessary but will look cleaner at the end.

Step 2: Cut Corners

You also need to cut the corners at about 45 degrees so that the edges clear each other once completely folded.

Step 3: Start Hammering

Place the license plate face up on the wood, make sure it lines up along the edge you want to fold. Gently start hammering the edge along the wood.

Once you hammer as far as you can using the wood, you can only fold to 90 degrees, then you can use the pliers to continue folding the edges as far as you can go, about 15 degrees.

Now continue hammering until the edge is as flat as possible and it looks the way you want it.

File any edges or corners you consider sharp.

Step 4: Results

This is what it looks like. Now the plates are thick around the corners and won't cut your hands, the plates are also sturdier and won't rattle.

Another advantage, I don't need to use license plate frames, I really like the look with the edges folded.

Note: I am not a lawyers nor state employee and don't know the laws regarding license plates. Please check your state laws regarding license plates. Thank you for reading.

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