Stop Motion House

Introduction: Stop Motion House

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Have you ever wanted to make a Stop Motion house that lets you film the inside and outside. Well now you can!
-Balsa wood
-wood glue
-glue stick
-pins (holds balsa wood together while drying)
-exact-O knife (or fingernails)

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Step 1: Balsa Frame

Cut the balsa wood using the exact-O knife and use the wood glue to glue it together (you don't have to use a lot), Make the 4 sides of the house using Balsa wood. Also account for how big you want the door, if you want sliding walls that open to film the inside, and how wide you want the base to be. The Base I used is made out of cardboard. To make a balsa wood door that goes within the sides of the house, use a pin so it has the ability to slide open and closed (see picture above).

Step 2: Paper Coverings

If you want the inside to have wallpaper instead of 2 by 4's, cut paper out into the shape of the inside walls and use a glue stick too paste it on. Do the same for the outside, you can also make a paper door (with simple paper hinges). For the roof you can fold a piece of paper in half so it can sit on the top and be taken off for filming. If your houses top is flat then you can just put a piece of paper on top. For the floor I cut out pieces of paper in strips and glued them on so it would look like floor boards.

Step 3: Innovation

There's always room for creativity. Try to make your house as unique as possible:)

If you want to see how this house actually looks in a Stop Motion, look up "Pokemon and Zelda Stop Motion -TheJandJChronicles"

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