Stop Motion Pro 7 Tutorial.

Introduction: Stop Motion Pro 7 Tutorial.

 Alrighty, so for all my animations, i've been using stop motion pro 7, so i thought what better to do then to make a tutorial about it!
Hopefully this will help you make the animations you have in mind!

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Step 1: Open Stop Motion Pro.

So, of course the first thing you'll need is an idea to animate. Along with that, all of your props for your animation.
For the actual animation the program I'll be showing you how to use is stop motion pro 7.
So first, open 'er up!

Step 2: Starting and Naming Your Animation.

When you open Stop Motion Pro 7,
a window will appear, asking what you'd like to do.
click 'Create new production/shot', then 'ok.'
You can name your production and show whatever you like, then again, click ok!
Once you've clicked that, a new window should open, the capture type should be video/webcam,
the size, 1200x720 is my choice.
Then click ok.

Step 3: Taking Frames

Now your window should look something like this, but with your animation in the top window.
Make sure you're on 'live' which you can do by clicking the rectangular button on the top of the tool bar,
and then click the button that has a projector on it to take each frame!

Step 4: Previous Frames

Alright, so you've started animating, 
On the left side of the tool bar, it'll tell you how many frames you have.
The rectangle on the left of the 'live' button is your stored frames, you can click that to go to them,
and the play button beside the stored button will let you play the frames you have stored so far!

Step 5: Editing Frames

If you want to see all the frames you've taken so far-or delete frames-there's a button on the left of the tool bar, labeled 'editor'. Click that, and it will bring you to a screen with all your different frames.
If you don't want a frame/frames in your animation anymore, 
just click the frame, so the red box appear's around it, right click, and press 'hide'
The frame then wont show up in your animation, and you can un-hide them anytime you like!

Step 6: Chroma Key

One of my favorite effects in stop motion pro 7, would have to be the chroma key effect,
so i'll tell you how to do that real quick.
The chroma key tool allow's you to put in a different background or such.
It works best with a green screen, and can be a little finicky. 
Go to 'Tools' on the top tool bar, then down to 'chroma key'
A window will come up, for you to upload the photo you wish to use.
pick the photo, then click 'ok'.
What should be left, is a box with the picture you've chosen, and a small tool bar at the bottom of it.
Click 'sync'.
There's an eyedropper tool on the other side, for you to pick what you want to change. Just click right on the screen with 
your animation on it!
Make sure the bar titled 'show' is moved all the way to the right!

Step 7: Exporting.

To export your movie, go to 'file' then go down to 'make movie.'
When you click that, a window should appear, 
Make sure the first box has stored frames clicked, 
and the second 'WMV HD quality'

Step 8: Final Video.

One of the video's i did using stop motion pro 7!

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