Stop Tim Horton's or Other Coffee "to Go" From Spilling!




Introduction: Stop Tim Horton's or Other Coffee "to Go" From Spilling!

Have you ever went through a Tim Horton's (McDonald's or whatever) drive thru to pick up a tasty extra large coffee only to open the lid and spill a few drips, on your seat or just make a mess with one at home?

This is a quick easy solution, and might possibly be the best instructable of all time, all in One Step!

Step 1: Stop the Insanity!

Spills are bad!

But there is an easy fix, instead of pulling the tab back as in the first picture, you need to push the tab into the cup. My father and I were enjoying coffees at Tim Horton's one day, when he let me in on this little secret, he is a genius, jack of all trades.

Just look at the pictures.



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    13 Discussions

    Damn it, I literally just wrote an slightly comedic instructable on this. I should of checked for other geniuses.

    This is very helpful and plan on using it soon, but I need an instructable that stops Starbucks spills. I don't know how many times I've ruined my shirt for the day drinking from their cursed cups.

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    ...and oh keeps flys out!!  long live the tims

    I learned this trick from a friend. It has single handedly save uncountable numbers of precious coffee drops from escaping my grasp. I fully endorse this method! XL Triple Triple for life!

    Huh. I thought every Canadian coffee drinker knew this trick. Thanks for letting the rest of the world in on this secret! ;)

    You mean I can "unban" drinking Timmy's in my car? Not having coffee drip on my person nor all over the car will be a sheer novelty. Thanks!

    You are obviously not Canadian, or from the Northern United States. Tim's will eventually take over the world, You will see! This place is bigger than McDonald's in Canada.

    I am from the very northern US, and I've never seen one. Which is odd, because everyone here seems to know what they are.

    still waiting for TH to expand to Texas. Thanx to you and your dad for the tip.

    you know whats almost as good as Tim Horton's coffee? NOTHING! Awesome trick, thank your dad for the secret!

    Holy damn! I'm in LOVE with my pre...tim's coffee, this is greatest idea since..since...tim's coffee...I love you timmy tim tim...come to daddy..