Stop Vampire Appliances From Sucking Away Your Electricity

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You may not know it but your appliances are stealing electricity form you, even if there OFF!
yes this is call vampire power, some appliances suck a unbelievable amount of power when there off.
here is a tv set vcr/dvd cable box modem and wireless router.
It uses  $.10 cents a day OFF!
   Adds up to $36.50 a year this also was The cost to fix this Problem.
Bought on sale was the back up battery supply, and a 3 dollar outlet timer.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Better yet, just unplug your stuff when you're not using it...

    Unplugging our microwave oven and counter-top oven produced a $7 a month savings. Unplugging our entertainment stand equipment saves us $10 a month; that includes the router and all that other stuff. If we're not using the computers then the router stays turned off even during the day. It's simple really: if you're not using it UNPLUG IT!

    1 reply

    Pulling my tv set away from the wall to unplug it every day is just not easy,
    the better solution i found is power strips that they sell with timers in them.
    So you dont have to unplug anything it will just power off when your not using them.
    Also resetting the cable box and modem is a pain.
    I just can see my self goign around pulling out my appliances and unplugging them, just to unplug them again, most of the time we use everything the same time every day. a outlet timer is the way to go.
    They also make switches that you can plug into a outlet that give you a on off switch instead of unplugging and plugging you can just flick a switch


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Better still, charge the battery from a little wind turbine/solar panel/water wheel!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    There was alot more boxes with information in them but after putting in those boxes now 4 times im DONE! insctuctables needs to fix this.

    so here's what im sick of writing in boxes over and over again

    the first picture had a box that said tv vcr dvd player wireless router cable modem

    The third picture has this shows that all that stuff uses ten cents a day plugged in and turned off, i know this doesn't sound like much but the 36.50 this uses in vampire electricity paid for both the back up battery and outlet timer.

    The fourth picture HAD a box around the battery and said battery this is not attached when you buy these you have to attache the battery first, but first unscrew the 4 screws to open this thing up.

    And the box i tried to put on the last picture, should have said
    "Now i know what your thinking why do i need this battery back up, why not just
    use the outlet timer, well most tv sets wireless routers and internet modems and cable boxes reset once the power goes out so the battery back up stops you form needed to reset all this stuff every morning.

    These are all the boxes that i tried to put in over and over again now 4 times!
    but when i saved it they just vanished. So i give up and will never use this picture function again.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Great money saving idea using the outlet timer.

    But aren't the devices still drawing the same amount of power from the battery backup overnight, instead of the outlet, so you are just paying for it later when the battery recharges during the day?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I would say it takes less time to fully charge the battery then the 6 hours it takes to drain it. The battery is charging when im using the tv and stuff.
    so i would say no, I have cut my electric bill in half using this system on all of my stuff
    plus switching to all ccf bulbs and kill switches, i mean your toaster uses 20.00 bucks year plugged in. I i have seen a decrease in electric consumption