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Introduction: Stop Your Phone From Falling Out of the Pocket

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Some of my trousers are not mobile phone compatible :)

Every time I sit down, my phone falls out of the pocket.

If I happen to wear one of those trousers while driving, it's almost certain that the phone will end up lying on the floor.

I could change my habits and get a wee bag, but I don't want to.

In this Instructable, I demonstrate a way to make a simple clip that will prevent your phone from falling out of the pocket

What's needed:

  • Suspenders
  • Old charging cable or headphones

If you are Interested in the video version of this Instructable and the embedded video does not appear on your mobile device, here is an alternative link

Step 1:

I bough cheap suspenders and removed the clip.

Step 2:

I attached a piece of micro USB cable to the clip.

Depending on the clip, you might need to use some glue.

I did not use the glue as the cable seemed to hold good without it.

Step 3:

Connect the cable to the charging port and attach the clip to your pocket.

Now the mobile phone will always stay in your pocket.

You can also make it for the 3.5mm jack.

I you make it for the headphone's socket, you'll need to cut the jack shorter, so the mobile phone does not think that the headphone are plugged in.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    how about a meat how to connect to the case Just lifting the suspenders clip is no bother


    4 years ago

    Cool idea! One thing I want to mention is that the usb female connector in the phone is only designed to handle so many insertions. Putting any force on the connection (like when you move and your solution stops your phone from leaving your pocket) will wear out that internal connector in your phone rather quicklyJust be wary of this because if the connector wears out enough you will have a hard time charging your phone.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Edit: I missed the part about the 3.5mm jack being used instead. I would recommend this as the better solution so as to prevent premature wear on the usb connection.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tip.

    Yes, 3.5mm option might be better for some phones.