Stop That Stinky Garbage Bin



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Nearly everyone uses plastic bags to line their garbage bins in the vain hope of keeping them clean.

So what happens when the bag doesn't stay entirely wrapped over the rim of the bin and something smelly slips down between liner and bin?

Where I live, it only takes a couple of hours for an offending piece of food to render the bin way too stinky in Summer, and we're actually requested to keep meat scraps in the freezer, and put them out at the last minute so that the garbos, sorry, Sanitation Engineers don't get sick.

Step 1: Use a Laundry Basket Instead

Because the holes allow air in between bin and liner, what slips down the side dries out rather than sweats (particularly in summer) and that way you only need to wipe out the "bin" where it got dirty instead of scrubbing and trying to get rid of that rotting smell.

The basket also allows spreading the liner bag more easily because the air can escape as you insert the bag which then makes those "rim misses" even less likely.

Yes, I know the bin in question needs cleaning, but getting my first 'ible up was more important!




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    5 years ago

    Cool idea thanks