Stop Your Glue Gun Leaking All Over the Bench




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I use a hot glue gun a lot in construction particularly for making Foam board aircraft.

The glue gun is fast and foam friendly BUT they leak. At least I never saw one that didn't.

At long last I determined  should do something about this so I designed a glue gun stand with a stopper to prevent or slow the glue leak.

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Step 1: The Dimensions

These are the dimensions I used although you can alter them to suit your glue gun.

Step 2: Making the Stand

I used some scrap 5mm foam board and of course glued it together with the glue gun.

you could of course use ply wood if you liked.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory.



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    Reply 3 years ago

    Would work I guess, Personally I don't want to have to pull out a tooth pick every time I use the gun, often whilst holding what I am gluing in the other hand.

    You could styick the toothpick in something i guess but then you have what I have described only I used a nail.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Not easy with most glue guns. They tend to leak when they are on for a long time.


    Great idea why didn't I think of that?
    I shudder to think how much money has melted away in my workshop in the form of hot glue sticks over the years.
    I have a small perspex sheet with a date on a bench this weekend ;-)