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Introduction: Storage Bag/ Space Maker for Cars

This is a simple DIY to solve a major problem with most cars of today which is lack of space to put your stuff. Stuff like snacks, phones, water bottles etc etc... And if you have children who occupy the rear, it gets even more difficult to manage the stuff which is generally thrown around the floor. Water leaks, mobiles get lost under the seats and snacks and biscuits are powdered under your feet.

With a long trip on the cards and need for space for water bottles and little eats for my kid needs immediate attention and to solve this problem, i have come up with this simple DIY.

Please Note : The pics are from installation on a Right Hand Drive non-american BMW.

Step 1: Introducing the Traveller Bag

This bag is available at most sports outlets. It is a trekking/traveling bag.

Step 2: Bag When Stuffed With Stuff.

This is how it looks when fully loaded. This little thing has a good appetite to gobble up quiet a few bottles and stuff. With a secret pocket in the back to load some emergency cash.

Step 3: Making It Work

Break the clips at the back as shown, take a screwdriver and make holes to the nylon strip at the end. Make sure the holes fit your car's headrest rods to go through. For a more snug fit, you can make holes at the place where my thumb rests.

Step 4: Fixing It

Remove the head rest of the passenger seat. Push the rods through the holes and install it back on the seat.

Step 5: Voila.

Why passenger seat ? Because it is easier to reach and pick a bottle when you are driving alone. Its easier to pick your DSLR to click a quick snap and throw it back in.

Since the installation is on a Right hand drive vehicle, the bag is mounted to the passenger seat which is on the left side of the vehicle.

Step 6: No Intrusion.

i am 6 feet in height and my legs do not touch the bag. There is no feeling of intrusion of space. My knees and legs can move around while on a long drive.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is an excellent idea. I like how you incorporated the headrest posts to hold the bag. Very clever!