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Have you ever wanted to make your Roboquad be your own private carrier? Well now you can, with my Instructable to make a small portable boX that you can connect to a Roboquad. This instructable will only take a few minutes and is very useful. Hope you enjoy!!

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Step 1: Items You Will Need

1. A roboquad
2. Picture
3. siccors
4. pencil
5. cardboard cutter
6. paper
7. cardboard
8. tape
9 Ruler

Step 2: Makin the Box

To make the box you first have to make a few cuts:
1. Take the cardboard and draw a box with the pencil that is 6cm long and 4 1\2 wide.(this is the base)
2.Cut that out now with a cutter, and now draw a shape that is 6cm long and 3 1\2 wide two times. (these two shapes are the sides)Now cut them out
3.Finally draw a shape that is 4 1\2 cm long and 3 1\2 cm wide two times and cut it out. (the other sides)

Step 3: Taping It Together and Adding the Picture

1. Now take the smaller two sides and tap them to the base as seen in the picture.
2.Next take the bigger sides and tape them to their place to.
3. Now tape around the side for more support.
4. Finally add some color or pictures to the box and tape it on.

NOTICE:For these steps you can also hot glue the cardboard for more support.

Step 4: Making the Strap and Adding It

1. Now take some colored paper and cut a piece 10-11 inches long and 1 inch wide.
2.Also cut two peices 1 inches long and tape the two peices on both sides of the the other strip.
3. Next tape the strip on one side of the box.
4. Now put the strip under the roboquad and tape to the side of the box.
5. Now you have your own small portable box on the robot!!!



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome idea! Though I don't have one of those things.. still, nice.