Storage Case

Introduction: Storage Case

Tired of having things rattling about in your bag?
I was!

I found an tin box that a watch came in that was just about the right size to keep some things in my bag rather than it all rattling about at the bottom of my laptop rucksack. The problem is that the case kept popping open and me being right back to square one!

So, using some gaffer or duct tape and velcro cable ties, I was able to hinge and securely keep the case closed in my bag.

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Step 1:

I never used any exact measurements, I just guesstimated the length of tape.

I layed out 2 lengths (approx 6") and slightly overlapped them.
Then layed another length over the join, sticky side down.
 - This stops the tape from sticking to edge of the case.

Step 2:

Stick the tape to the top of lid of the case then put the lid on the base.
Again, guesstimate how much space will be needed to allow the lid to open and not be restricted  by the sides of the base then stick to the bottom of the tin.

Step 3:

Measure and cut the velcro cable ties for the top and tape to the lid of the case.
Repeat this with the base and then re-trim any excess velcro

Step 4:

Add your bits and bobs, close and seal, chuck in your bag then away you go!
And safe in the knowledge that nothing will be rattling about in your bag

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    2 Discussions

    This is just like a pencil case that school children bring to school, but definitely much more creative I bet. Sometimes all it takes is just some creative juices plus some effort to produce something that we have always needed at a fraction of the costs or no costs at all. There really isn’t a need to simply buy something whenever a need arises. A DIY storage case like this would definitely come in handy for so many different purposes for wherever you might be.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your comment.
    There are too many people that believe in the "throw away" society. If something can be repurposed then I am more than happy to keep a hold of these items until the time is right to reuse them.
    That is what is great about the Instructable community, it encourages you to think of a use for things that would normally just be binned.