Storage Door

Introduction: Storage Door

In this instructable ill be showing how to make a door thats also a closet to store almost anithing from blankets ,clothes to jewlery school suplies. The door im showing is diferentes from my desing becawse i coudent get the proper materiales so i made one of scrap wood i had leing arownd to give a idea of wath its supows to look so mine is smaller and ugly.

The material needed is
Magnético catch latch
2 magnets
3 metal plates ( i used tuna can lids)
Wood glue
4 small hings ( 1 1/2 inches)
3 big hings (3 inches)
2 sheets of wood ( 79 3/4 inches by 35 1/4 inches by 3/16 inch)
2 beams (2 inches by 2 inches by 9 feets)
8 screws (4 inches )
Rectangular piece of wood ( 2inches by 4inches by 2 inches)
Some small screws( arownd 1inch )
5 wooden stics ( 1/2 inch thik and 31 3/4 inches )
Door knob

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Step 1:

Cut bouth 9 feet beams in to individual piece tath mesure 79 3/4 inches and 28 1/4 inches, then cut the 28 1/4 inch in to a 27 1/4 inch piece leaving 1 inch.

Step 2:

Drill 5 holes 10/16 inch wide and arownd 1/2 inch deep on the 79 3/4 inch beam at the levels of 15 3/4 inches, 27 3/4 inches , 39 3/4 inches, 51 3/4 inches, 63 3/4 inches on bouth beams

Step 3:

Placer beams on the form of a rectangle making a frame, make shore the goles are facing echother in the middle. Drill 4 inch holes to fit the 4 inch srews on bouth ends of bouth 79 3/4 inch beams. Use 2 screws on each end. Glue the 2 inch by 2 inch by 4 inch piece of wood to the inside side of the beam and at the level where the door knob is goin to be ( i put mine 40 inches from the top

Step 4:

Turn frame arownd and glue and screw one of the wooden sheets to the frame.

Step 5:

Turn frame around making the sheet be on the grownd and add the small 1 1/2 inch hings to the frame and screw the hings to the other sheet of wood to make a door for your closet door at the levels of 4 inches, 23 inches ,48 3/4inches and 75 3/4 inches from the top.

Step 6:

Drill 2 holes big enogh for the magnets to fit inside on the edge of the beam oposide to the one with the hings and glue together. Plase the magnétic catch latch at the side of the 2 by 2 by 4 piece of wood and glue or screw together. Glue the metal platea to the sheet of wood on the edges and in the middle so when the sheet closes the metal platea make contacto with the catch latch and the magnets .

Step 7:

Drill a hole where the 2 by 2 by 4 piece of wood and another hole on the side of the bean to instalaciones the door knob

Step 8:

Cut around the door knob so you can open the door and clese without the door knob getting un the way and instalaciones the other big hings (3 noches) to the side of the door where the other hings are at the levells of 14 inches, 38 inches and 63 inches from top to bottom.
Install the stiks on the goles and your finish

You can install a little shelf to put other stuf insede or use it un the bathroom fot towels, shampoo, soap, thoot bruches, etc. Or use it to store craft suplies

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