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Introduction: Storage Mania

Stacking vertically is functional and works well, but the ability to stack diagonally adds a whole new dimensions of use.

In addition, paper screens (readily available at Home Depot) are not only aesthetically pleasing but allow endless possibilities for creativity.  Anything you can do on paper you can do on these blinds!  For example, lights can be placed inside the box to create artistic silhouettes or projections.  Transparencies can also be used in place of paper screens for another level of customization. 

Before starting construction, Solidworks models were created to set dimensions and visualize assembly. 

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Step 1: Purchase Necessary Supplies

Each Box: 
4 - 12"x12"x1/2" wood (we used plywood)
1 - 12"x12"x1/8" MDF
4 - L brackets with accompany 1/2" screws
8 - additional 1/2" screws
2 - magnets
1 - 11" wide folding screen (length is up to your own discretion) 

Each Support Triangle
2 - 12"x12"x1/2" pieces of wood
1 - L bracket with accompany 1/2" screws

The folding screen is a temporary paper window screen that was purchased from Home Depot. You can also make your own by folding a large piece of paper.

Step 2: Preparing and Assembling Wood Pieces

The L-brackets are placed 1" from the edge on the box. These positions were first measured and marked with pencil, then a hole punched in the appropriate place for the screw. Subsequently the L-bracket was placed on and the screw screwed in manually. Following this same procedure for all four sides creates the basis of the box. Be sure to note that the for the box, the pieces are staggered so that the side face of one piece is flush with the main face of the connecting piece. See the pictures for clarification. Screws are used to hold the other side of the box together (4 screws per box, one to attach teach corner). Again, see pictures for clarification. 

The L-brackets are placed in the middle. They are marked in the same way as for the Box. The difference is that unlike the box which has pieces staggered, the triangle's two sides are both attached at the very edge of the wooden board so that the inside corner of the two pieces are touching. 

Step 3: Backing

The backing is screwed on with 4 screws, one in each corner. Be sure to not screw too close to the edge. 

Step 4: Screen

The screen comes standard to fit onto a window so it needs to be cut down to fit our smaller cubes. The good thing is that it already comes with an adhesive on one side so make sure to take advantage of that! Once you have the right width and the desired amount of wrinkles for the length, stick the adhesive side to the inside edge of one side. Apply adhesive onto one end of both magnets and stick one onto the middle of the last fold and the other to the middle of the opposite internal wall. Make sure the screen is straight then allow to dry completely before using. 

To keep the screen open, a clip or another magnet can be used. The magnet would be glued to the same fold that is glued to the box. Make sure the magnets are strong enough to fold the folds together. 

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    6 years ago

    Resize to fit milk crate, utilize pocket hole joinery instead of brackets, fabric backing on lighted units. Love the paper binds, love the diagonal.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really creative idea! It is very artsy-fartsy and fancy and is fit for an art gallery. I have created a few of these storage boxes and put up a chiffon cloth as the screens which are translucent so guests can only catch a glimpse of what is inside. I love the dramatic effect of the lights but have not bought any lighting sets yet. We have tried it vertically but are not quite confident about the diagonal arrangement. We will improve on it soon!