Storage Ottoman

Introduction: Storage Ottoman

If you’re into up-cycling tires, here’s a neat twist on the tire ottoman. This tire ottoman has a hidden storage compartment in the middle, which is handy for dorms, child playrooms, smaller apartments, and living rooms so anywhere really. All you need is a little time and a love of craftwork. This DIY project took us roughly about 4 hours to complete and $40 bucks in materials (if you can’t find them around your home). If you’ve got that old tire sitting in your back yard, then follow along with the instructions and have some crafty fun.

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials


Skil saw





Hot glue gun


Staple gun

Box cutter

Tape measure


20” Tire

3 bundles of 75 feet Rope

1 Poly-fil stuffer

2 yards Fabric

2 0.5" thick Ply Woods (2.5 feet x 2.5 feet)



6-7 2” Screws


15-20 Hot glue sticks

1 Nail

Step 2: Measure Tire

Measure and record the diameter of the outer circle of the tire and the diameter of the inner circle.

Helpful hint: Use a clean, washed tire.

Step 3: Prepare Plywood

Use the measurement for each diameter to draw out each length on 2 separate pieces of the plywood.

Then hammer one nail in the center and with a piece of string and pencil, trace a circle around for both pieces.

Helpful hint: Larger wooden piece is the base, Smaller wooden piece is the lid

Step 4: Cut Plywood

Cut the circular pieces of plywood with a skil saw and sand the edges as needed.

Step 5: Making Storage Compartment

Next, with the fabric folded as a tube and fabric facing inward staple it to the base. Pull fabric through while holding up the remaining material still folded as a tube, wrap it over the tire and staple it along the inner edge. (This step is for temporary holding)

Helpful hint: Fold and overlap the seam for a finished look.

Step 6: Making the Base

For the base of the ottoman, evenly space and screw the larger piece of plywood on the bottom of the tire.

Helpful hint: The plywood holds better with screws at an angle away from the tire.

Step 7: Finishing Storage Compartment

Turning the tire over once again, take out half the staples from the fabric and hot glue it to the inner rim. Repeat step with the other half of the fabric.

Helpful hint: Replacing hot glue with the staples allows for better holding of the fabric.

Step 8: Gluing the Rope

A) Now to begin roping, nail the end of the rope to the edge of the base of plywood and continue wrapping until you’ve reached the base of the tire.

B) Once you’ve reached the tire, use hot glue completely around the ottoman about 3-5 times around. Then, to save time and money sporadically hot glue the rope as you further encompass the tire.

C) At the top, place the lid in the center and essentially repeat step A by using hot glue completely around the ottoman until you’ve reached the cover, this is to make sure you have room for the lid.

Helpful hint: Wind the rope inward as you are wrapping it around the tire to create a more smooth appearance.

Step 9: Stuffing the Lid

Next, lay the fabric on a flat surface with the design facing down. While slowly adding the Polyfil Puff in the center and taking it apart, place the lid on top to smush the filling and lift. When the lid is off the filling should be flat, if there are any lumps, re-fluff.

Step 10: Finishing the Lid

After fluffing down the filling, place the lid on top and fold the fabric over to staple all around about 1-3 inches away from the edge. Gather excess material and twist so the filling is secure then staple more until the edges are completely closed.

Helpful hint: You may also snip any remaining fabric.

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