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Introduction: Storage Rack

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I wanted to have some room to store little bigger leftover materials, for those that doesn't seem to fit anywhere.

Also i wanted to have a simple storage to my smaller clamps, wich i like to keep near.

This works with both tasks.

I placed my rack under my worktable, that way it also gives some extra support to it.

But, of course this can be used in bigger scale too, maybe you get some ideas from it. ( you never know :)

Video tutorial shows the process.

As a material i used:

50mm x 50mm square tubing with 4mm wall.

3mm thick steel plate 4 pieces of 100mm x 100mm.

Threaded rod, washers, nuts, screws.

Pipe ( from old trampoline safety net. 25.4mm outer diameter.)

2" x 4" wood. (2" x 2" goes as well)


Chop saw

Angle grinder



Diy table saw.

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Step 1: Feet Connectors..

For connecting the rack under the table, i made four connectors..

Four 80mm long pieces from 50 x 50 square tubing.

And four 100 mm x 100 mm pieces from 3mm thick steel plate.

Drilled 4mm holes for every corner of the plates, and a 6mm hole to the center of the plate.

Welded parts together with tig.

Finally countersunk the hole in the center from the backside of the plate.

Step 2: Feets..

I made the feets from 2 x 4 ", splitted it and the sized halfs fit inside the square tube.

Made 15mm deep sunks with 25mm forstner drill.

And 8mm through hole to the center of the lowest sunk in every feet.

Threaded rod goes through 8mm hole and tightens package together.

Step 3: "shelves"

"shelves" are made from pipe, salvaged from old trampoline safety net.

Pipe's outer diameter was 25.4mm. And i had only 25 and 27mm forstner bits.

So i fitted the pipes to feets by sanding some material out from the sides of the sunks with dremel.

Connected the "connectors" to the feets with long countersunk screws through the 6mm hole on the middle of the plate..

Step 4: Assembling...

Assembled the rack under the table.

Secured it with screws, and with the threaded rod through lowest feets.

"Free" storage space, and bonus is that my worktable is much stronger now.

Thanks for checking it out!

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