Storage Rack for Electronic Components

Introduction: Storage Rack for Electronic Components

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Many times we search for a required item but We don't get what you want
Same thing happened in my case, I was looking for Electronic Storage Rack
but not getting as per my needs

We were having old Wooden scrap cot (Not in use)
I thought why not use this cot as a Storage Rack !

1) Removed Top ply of the cot (snap-2)
2) Cut wooden bases 4 No's
3) Made Cot upright so that 'A' side upwards and the cot now stands on 'B' side
     with 4 wooden base fixed at 4 corners at appropriate distance to have stability (snap-3)
4) Fixed ply 1 inch thick (Approx 3 feet X 8 inches)  at suitable distance as per requirement
    with wooden wedge supports (seen in snap-4,5)
5) Assembled all the components in the Rack (seen in snap-6,7,8)
6) On side wall of the cot nailed screws at proper distance to accommodate all my other tools at proper distances (seen in        
    snap-9, 12)
7) Rear side of the Cot is used as a black board (seen in snap-11)
8) Snap-13 shows side view of the Rack

It just worked nicely and with very very little cost

The unused cot became so useful and with great utility  !!

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