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Introduction: Storage Rack for Screws

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to build your own storage rack for your screws and other small parts.

Step 1: Materials

- Screws boxes.

- 18x18 mm wooden sticks. Some short and long wooden screws.

Step 2: Tools

Step 3: Prep the Boxes

Remove the box covers as we don't need them for this project.

Cut off the side edges of the boxes with the cutter.

Step 4: The Drawer Rails

Measure the length of the screw box to know how much wood you need to make the rail.
Make sure you add an extra 5-6 cm of length to it. this will make the screw box extend out a bit more so you can have access to the last row of the screw in it.

Cut 2 rails for each drawer.

Drill the drawers and screw the rails in.

Now, measure the width of the drawer, and cut 1 wooden stick and screw it onto the 2 rails you just assembled. Repeat step for all drawers.

Step 5: The Frame

This one was a bit tricky to design as the measurements rely heavily on the dimensions of the boxes and the thickness of the wood you are using.

i won't go in details here for the measurements, as I made many mistakes and had to improvise and correct many times...

One important point here, is when measuring the width, you'll need to add around 5 mm to it to ensure that the drawers will fit loosely in the rack.

Step 6: The Frame Rails

Cut 4 rails per storage box,then for the first one, measure the depth of the box to get an idea on how high to screw the first frame rail.

once that's done, screw both of them onto the frame, and here, place the first drawer, and place a marker with the pencil on the rails where you need it to stop.

After that, put 2 screws in like in the second photo.

Step 7: The First Drawer

Place the first drawer in, and install the 2 upper rails.

once that's done, pull it out until it reaches its end (the drawer), and set markers for the front stops.

This is where the extra length you added to the box rails will play its part as they will make sure the drawer will stay horizontal when fully extended.

First drawer installed.

Step 8: Repeat

Repeat step for all the other drawers.

test it out to make sure the drawers are moving smoothly.Wax the rails if you must.

Step 9: Final Step

Glue the separators if you like and fill your new awesome rack!



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    15 Discussions

    Nice! My electronics storage pretty similar to that: Enormous drawers with different sized recycled boxes inside.

    Yours is a lot better than what I have but I don't have enough room for more!

    1 reply

    i wish i made it hold more drawers. it s already full and i still have many items to put in.version 2.0 will be with more drawers (twice more) and i will box it too to make it more solid.

    Nicely done.

    in particular, nice job of creating sliding rails without requiring people buy expensive rail system.

    A Few Suggestions:
    1) sand/stain wood... makes it look much more official
    2) use thicker wood... in particular the screw stops look great, but because the wood is so thin, I would guess it will crack before long

    3 replies

    i think i will re-box it properly once i find an old wooden box that i can upcycle.
    will sand it and spray a layer of finish on it indeed.

    Wouldn't it be possible to keep the lids on the drawers? Would certainly make it more practical with not getting dust in all boxes..and if o e would want to bring the drawer to the work piece.. Maybe putting the sliding wooden strips a tad lower on the drawers would help that?

    yea that would be a valid variation on this project.if you d like to remove the drawer to use it elsewhere then you wont need the front stops. also you d have to make more space between the drawers and make the drawer rails a bit longer so that the lids open freely while the drawer is still in the rack. good one :)

    he comments on every instructable this fellow..sometimes without reading it all...

    I do comment on a lot of Instructables. This is mostly because I am one of the Community Managers here at Instructables and it is my job to review all new content on the site. Whenever I see a cool project, I like to leave an encouraging comment.

    But I assure you that I am not just a comment robot. I did actually read your Instructable and I genuinely think that it is a great idea. Right now, I just have all of my screw boxes loosely stacked on a shelf. Something like this would go a long way to keeping things organized.

    There is currently an opening. If you are interested you can apply at the jobs page.

    that is totally awesome will have to make myself one .thank you

    1 reply

    you re welcome. dont forget to upload a photo of it here once it s ready :)

    indeed.this custom size skeleton boxing system requires a lot of screws