Storage Rack

I needed storage for the pallet wood for my projects.
But you could use it for anything.

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Step 1: Futon Frame

Get a metal futon frame.
I got mine at that famous curb shopping center.
The best part of it the sale price.
Dismantle it.

Step 2: Put It Wherever You Like

Space the sides far enough to hold your stuff.
I placed mine in "that space" on the far side of my driveway.
It's that out of the way space.
I secured mine to the chain link fence.
I just used wire.
You could place it to a wall too, but you would need pipe brackets.

Step 3: Fill It Up.

Now you are ready to put your stuff on it.
By not putting anything in the bottom space it keeps the wood off the ground.
Plus having it outside It has the extra bonus of letting the wood weather.

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    3 years ago

    This is a great idea. Nicely done!