Storage System From Recycled McMaster-Carr* Boxes

Introduction: Storage System From Recycled McMaster-Carr* Boxes

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Do you LOVE McMaster Carr* as much as I do? 

Do you get millions of these boxes that are perfect sized and have them strewn about the place? 

Do you hate recycling such sturdy boxes in your trash?

Do you need storage space in your office/garage/home and don't want to spend hundreds on these container units/shelves?

Do you have multiple little projects just laying around and need some way to organize them?

Do you want easily resealable boxes that stack perfectly with no tape?

Do you get tired of reading repetitive questions?

If you do, I have the solution for you!!

*Realistically you can use any sturdy box. I just love McMaster tho.

Step 1: Step 1: Get a Box

Preferably you want to stick with boxes that are the same size so they stack well.

You want it to be sturdy. Which is why I recommend McMaster boxes.

Comon, you know you ordered those specialty wingbolts, safety wire and crossdrilled socket head cap screws for your project and kept that beautiful piece of organic corrugated goodness...

put it to good use. 

Step 2: Step 2: Cut a Hole in That Box

Here's the easy part.

Look at the pics, and note the location of the cut on the side of the barcode. 

Step 3: Step 2.5: Fold a Flap

Not just any flap. Note which one it is.

Use a table to help fold it if necessary.

Step 4: Step 2.79: Close Up That Box

Follow the numbered flaps in folding it, et voila! sealed box!

Step 5: Step 3: Put Your Junk in That Box

That's right, keep doing this over and over and you have a cheap, stackable, disposable, and easy to use storage system.

Make sure to write the contents of the box on the outside with sharpie. 

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