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>>> VIDEO <<<

gives you an idea for an awesome bed bench, what's not only easy to make but affordable as well.

It's suitable for storage, for decoration or just to sit on and put your socks on...

Check and enjoy it! ;)

so what do you need?

  • pinewood plank

40x100cm | 15,75x39,4in

  • timbers

16x 3,8x3,8x32,4cm | 1,5x1,5x12,75in

4x 3,8x3,8x92,4cm | 1,5x1,5x36,40in

4x 3,8x3,8x40,0cm | 1,5x1,5x15,75in

  • saw
  • lots of corner fixing brackets
  • screwdriver, screws
  • hammer and nails
  • sanding paper
  • wood stain

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Step 1: VIDEO

Step 2: Saw


the following size of timbers

Step 3:

16x 3,8x3,8x32,4cm | 1,5x1,5x12,75in

4x 3,8x3,8x92,4cm | 1,5x1,5x36,40in

4x 3,8x3,8x40,0cm | 1,5x1,5x15,75in

Step 4: Make the Legs of the Bench


  • 2-2x 3,8x3,8x32,4cm | 1,5x1,5x12,75in

  • 2-2x 3,8x3,8x92,4cm | 1,5x1,5x36,40in


2x4 corner brackets for fixing

Step 5: Upper Part of the Bench


  • 3x 3,8x3,8x32,4cm | 1,5x1,5x12,75in
  • 2x 3,8x3,8x92,4cm | 1,5x1,5x36,40in


3x 3,8x3,8x32,4cm | 1,5x1,5x12,75in timbers equal spaced

Step 6:

and use
corner fixing brackets here as well (12+4pcs)

Step 7:


the legs to the upper part of the bench

Step 8: Bottom of the Bench


  • 2x 3,8x3,8x92,4cm | 1,5x1,5x36,40in

  • 9x 3,8x3,8x32,4cm | 1,5x1,5x12,75in

  • and more corner brackets :D

Step 9:


the last 9 timbers in equal spaced

and fix

them with screws

Step 10: TIP


the bench stronger with the help of 4 long screw

Step 11: Stain Work

Step 12:


the top with nails

Step 13:

Aaand here it is!!!

I hope you like it ;)

Thanks for watching and check my

>>> YOUTUBE <<<

channel for similar contents :)

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    9 months ago

    Wow, it's great how you made this look so easy and doable.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 months ago

    thanks a lot!!!! :) I hope you like my other projects as well ;)