Storm 221 V2.4 Battle Sniper-------Review Only

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This instructable is a review only. It is on the Storm 221 V2.4 Battle Sniper by the Jamalam. Note that almost all ratings are by statistics not my personal opinion. I asked for permission before hand so do not bug me about that. Enjoy.

Step 1: Pros

-Comfy front grip
-True trigger
-Low friction barrel
-Bolt action
-Med-sized magazine
-looks cool
-never jams

Step 2: Cons

-Bumps on the top of the inside of the fake barrel
-flimsy bi pod
-inaccurate scope
-low range
-sometimes shoots 2 at once
-Bullets don't always leave barrel

Step 3: Statistics

Weight---------------- 2lb 6oz (no extras)
Length----------------- 33 inches
Range----------------- 20-40'
# of ammo in mag-- 6
Ammo type----------- Yellow

Step 4: Does It Have. . .?

True Trigger---------Yes
Bolt Action----------Yes
True-Bolt Action---No

Step 5: Can It Be. . .?

Primary Weapon--------Yes
Secondary Weapon----No
Long Range--------------No
Mid Range----------------Yes
Close Range-------------No

Step 6: Rating

Accuracy--- 4/10

Step 7: Overall

-Decent range for a semi-automatic
-Good Size
-Would be a great assault weapon
-Bi-pod is very weak

Step 8: Would I Personally Recomend It

Yes. It may use a lot of pieces but it is fairly powerful and reload is quick.

Step 9: Final Rating




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    92 Discussions

    Miles Tails Prower

    10 years ago on Step 7

    Aaaaaaaargh!!!! IT'S NOT SEMI AUTO! YOU HAVE TO PULL BACK THE RAM EACH TIME YOU FIRE. Semi auto means: 1 trigger pull, 1 shot. No cocking.

    16 replies

    single shot: pull back pin and load a round.
    repeater: keep pulling back the pin, auto loading.
    semi-auto: 1 pull of the trigger if 1 shot, no loading.
    full auto: hold down the trigger to keep shooting.


    Well thats in real life. In knex world semi-automatic is you don't have to reload it every time, but only when the magazine is empty. I know that in real life semi auto is pull trigger and no cocking, fully auto you can hold the trigger down, and bolt action you need to pull back and push forwards to fire each shot.

    It's not my fault but some genius thought he made a semi auto so now everyone thinks if it has a mag it's a semi auto.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    OMG! In my Z35 and Inferno, the same thing happens, the bullet bumps in the fake barrel. I hate those. Not building this.

    1 reply

    Yeaa thats a good idea. I have built so many mediocre rifles that i forget my favorite...NOT. You NEED to build DJ's commando ar4-v3 and mod it a little. It is the best gun EVER!!!!!