Storm Cloud Costume




This custom took three days to make but it was well worth it. It received a lot of attention

Step 1: Buy an Adjustable Hardhat

I bought some thin white straps and a large oval needlepoint frame and a hard hat. The hardhat has a slit on each side of it to secure the hat with the straps to the frame. I used to staple gun to the keep the straps tight on the frame and carpet tape on top of the hat to stick on the lights. I bought a battery powered strobe light app to attach to the hat under a cloud.

Step 2: Add the Lights With Carpet Tape to the Hat Before Adding the Cloud.

I used purple tape lights and a five dollar Strobelight purchased at Walmart and a Duracell flashlight inside of my cloud.

Step 3: Buy String Curtain and Secure It to the Hat With Carpet Tape

I bought black and silver string curtain for $10 from Amazon and Cut it in half. I used carpet tape it sticking on both sides to secure it to the hat.

Step 4: Fill White Tulle Fabric With Batting

Use large pieces of white tulle fabric and stuff with polyfil batting. Secure with rubber bands. Make many of these puffy cloud like balls. I wrapped all of the puffy clouds in one piece of tulle and secured it with a zip tie. I poked small holes in the fabric to use zip ties to attach the cloud to the frame.

Step 5: Poke Holes in the Tool Fabric of the Cloud and Use a Crochet Hook to Pull the Strings Through

Using a crochet hook Pokahoe in the fabric where you want the raindrops to come through.

Step 6: Use Black Spray Paint to Make the Clouds Look Dark and Stormy.

Spray paint the cloud with black and gray and purple spray paint to make it look dark and ominous.

Step 7: Put Make Up on With Lightning Bolts on Your Face or Paint a Mask With Lightning Bolts

And mask and put it all together

Step 8:

Step 9: Sew Gray Shiny Fabric Into a Cape With Arm Holes

I used a wet looking silvery gray fabric and sewed it into a cape with two layers and cut armholes In it. I bought a gray satin strapless dress from Goodwill to go underneath it for $10.



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