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Introduction: Storm Proof Survival Matches

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Don't you hate it when you are having a lovely camping trip and then it starts raining and pouring, then it gets worse. You try to light a fire but... your matches are wet. So you cannot cook your food and you are freezing cold. Well fret not, here is the solution. Today I will be showing you one way to make some water proof survival matches.

This is what inspired me:

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need

- Candle wax

- Matches. I used long ones. 90mm

- Baking paper

- Thread/ cotton

- Tinfoil

Step 2: Step 1

Get three matches ( or how ever many you want) and tie them together with the cotton/ string you gathered. Then wrap the matches in baking paper. The baking paper size I used was 7cm x 7cm. ( Through experimenting, I found out that baking paper is quite flammable). Then tie up the baking paper in some cotton/ string.

Step 3: Step 2 (The Wax)

Remove any wicks or metal parts from the candles. To speed up the melting process chop the candles into smaller pieces. Don't worry about the red stuff in the bottom, it's only food coloring. And sorry that the third photo is a bit fuzzy it's steam. Now you dip the matches in the wax. I poked a bamboo skewer into the matches so I didn't burn my fingers. DO NOT TOUCH MOLTEN WAX, IT IS VERY HOT. SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. Make sure you get the full match soaked in wax. Now put the match out to dry

Step 4: Tried, Tested, Proven

This is the proving stage. To see if they really work. AND MINE DID!!!!. When you want to light the matches scrape off the wax around the red tip of the matches ( or where you strike them on the striker thing). As you can see mine worked perfectly fine after they had been wet.



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    Thanks for the comment. Good idea, but if you make this it is probably more satisfying to know that you made something that saved you.

    Real nice if you like to play Boy Scout. Keep it simple 'Flick your Bic!'

    Great Instructable! Worked perfectly! One change you could make is to use the strike anywhere matches. I find these very useful as you don't need the striker part of the matchbox to like them! Any friction will do it. Thank you for the great Instructable!

    excellent survival match. i made this and it worked great!!!

    1 reply

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