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** Surprise!!  It's a PIMPtrooper! Cheesecake **

You probably know this already, but my husband loves Stormtroopers.  I decided to play with fondant for the first time and make this cake for him.  This is how it turned out!! :)  I made it three years ago and I am posting it *finally*.  Looking back at it , it's cute, but now I could do better.  So go easy on me!! :D  

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Step 1: What You Need.

A cheesecake recipe of your choice - or normal cake
Fondant - I found a marshmallow fondant recipe online
Fortune cookie
Food colors to dye fondant and cake as needed
A springform pan to make the cheesecake
A few days time!
Piping Gel for glue
Edible "Glitter" flakes

Step 2: Make Your Decorations!

*** There are lots of pics in this step, just to look at. ***  

To make the stormtrooper, I was inspired by the fortune cookie sitting on the counter.  

Basically, I covered it with a ball of fondant and made sure to build upon it, shaping it along the way.  After I had the shape that I wanted, I was able to get the piping gel out.  With this, I attached the black pieces that I made, as accents to the stormtrooper.  

You may not be able to tell, because it was my firs time using fondant (lol), but those other shapes are supposed to be animal print.  Even my husband had to ask what they were.  Embarrassing! hahah.  I used the same method to put those pieces together.

For the feather, I put some yellow fondant onto a toothpick and I scored some lines into it to make it look kinda like a feather.

All pimps wear big necklaces, so I made a medallion for him with the Imperial mark.  And I added an inedible chain for looks, when I put the cake together.

The hat, I basically pulled and pulled a ball out to lay over his head, made a band to make it look more like a hat, and then finger-dabbed the edges with piping gel, sprinkled with the "glitter" to give it some pimpness.

When everything was prepared, I put it all onto a wax-paper covered cookie sheet, on top of the fridge where he wouldn't look.  This allowed it to be out of circulation, able to set and dry.

Step 3: Make Your Cake!

His favorite cake is cheesecake, and I had never made one before, and I don't like it, so I put a pretty spin on it.  I still didn't eat any of it. *gross!*  But he loved it.  :D

So, find a recipe that you like, whether its cheesecake or not, whip it up and get it ready!!

For my cheesecake, I separated the batter and dyed it two different colors.  Then I splattered it everywhere to make the inside all crazy.  

If I had my choice - I would have a much lighter top of the cake, so the decorations would pop, but I didn't have the experience back then to solve this problem.

Step 4: Party and Taste It!

Just set your decorations on top, you don't really need to adhere them.

We went to a Brazilian BBQ and I had brought the cake to the restaurant earlier the day of, and they stored it in their fridge.  When his friends arrived, and they were all done feasting, I had the waiter come out with the cake and surprise him.  :)

All of them thought it was so cool, and then when they cut the cake, they were even more impressed because they've never seen a cheesecake like this.  I sat there in fear, not knowing how it tasted and if they liked it, but they said it was really rich, cool and totally pimped!

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    7 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Simply amazing. Love that pimped out imperialist! ;)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh this is just great, it made me laugh out loud! What a fun idea and I bet everyone adored it! Well done!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, the thumbnail looks like Mr Potatohead wearing a Stormtrooper helmet!

    (Nice cake, by the way!)