Stormtrooper Helmet ( on a Budget)

Introduction: Stormtrooper Helmet ( on a Budget)

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I've redone this instructables because there was a problem with the last one, it only showed the first step, hope this works as it wouldn't let me edit the last one!

Step 1: Pepakura

Step 2: Resin

Step 3: Bonds

Step 4: Sanding

Step 5: Painting

Step 6: Detailing

Step 7: Finished........ for Now



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    2 years ago

    what are the scaling/measurements of the head for this??


    2 years ago

    how do you get a smooth and even surface from Bondo and sanding? I'm working on my Stormtrooper helmet now and I can't seem to get that. I'm using wood filler putty to substitute Bondo by the way

    Can you wear it???

    Can you please tell me the size of this Helmet when finished? Is it adult sized? I am hoping to make one to fit a four year old.

    Excellent idea and I aim to try this in the very near future. The finish quality looks amazing on the images, but I assume that this is comparible to the amount of time you spend on it. Terrible usage of guitars though. lol

    Hello, thanks for having a look, your right I don't say anywhere it's a full scale lid, but it is, it's 1:1 scale with a stormtrooper resin cast helmet ?

    Hey man, thanks, and yes you can build allsorts the same way, have a look at my other builds, they tell you more about pepakura as a Base to build on and the processes to make helmets

    This looks REALLY GREAT for the materials and $ spent. You're too hard on yourself for a tenner project. :-) I wonder if I could be SUPER cheap about it and do paper mache on top of the card base to stiffen it before painting. Then I'd have everything I need at home already for the white base...

    2 replies

    Or woman! Lol sorry just seen your profile pic! But again great idea on the paper mache

    Thanks man, and yeah paper mache would work, and maybe some cheap wood filler over the top to smooth it out would help too

    Hi, I was wondering if you would be willing to share the file as Spacecowboys file is no longer on 4shared. Thank you

    2 replies

    Hey, unfortunately I no longer have the file, but it you do a bit of digging on the you should be able to get hold of it

    Hi. Could you please explain to me a little bit better the Bonds process (what kind of materials you used, the brown mixture you made, etc)? That would help me a lot. The helmet looks great! Thank you

    1 reply

    Hey, bondo is car body filler, it's a two part apoxy you can buy, you mix a golf ball size bit of the brown stuff, with a pea size bit of the red stuff called hardener, you have a working time of about 5 minutes before it goes hard, once it's hard it's done, once it's hard you sand it, it's best to put it on in thin layers so your not sanding forever, the stuff I use is called p38 easy sand filler, you can get it in most diy shops or car repair shops, if you have a look at some of my other instructables you can see the process of putting it on and sanding, that's about it really, hope that helps!