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After the awesome feedback I've received for my Vader style log burners and been a bit of a Star Wars nerd, I've been wanting to try a stormtrooper design for a while now so here goes.

Step 1: Design

My biggest challenge was trying to create the sides on the helmet, I was struggling for what to make them out of. I ended up using to top section of a large gas bottle and it turned out great.
When cutting into gas bottles I always make sure they are empty and then fill with water to displace any gas let inside. I then use a 110mm grinder and ultra thin cutting discs. My out should only use bottles from companies that have ceased trading too as gas bottles remain the property of the gas companies for their entire life.

Step 2: Mock Up

I used bits of tape and magnets to mock up the basic shapes. The front of the burner was cut and then bent outwards from between the eyes to create to shape.

Step 3: Pipes and Tubes

To create the shape around the mouth I used a thin piece of tuning that I chopped up and two pieces os scaffolding bar which I squashed and welded together. I then added two more sections to either side of the helmet from the top if the larger gas bottle to start filling in the front of the helmet.

Step 4: Big Old Cheeks

The top of the cheeks on the helmet we're again made from sections of the large gas bottle, tacked into place and the persuaded where to go with my sledge hammer. I used my grinder a flap paddle wheel to shape the parts around the bent scaffolding bits at the front.

Step 5: Grind It...

I used more scaffolding bits to create the ear shapes. A piece of square bar was used to create the helmet rim. I then set about grinding the thing to death...

Step 6: Chimney and Door

For fear of ruining the front of the helmet I decided to put the door on the rear of the burner, a little more time and designing and mate I could have made the front open but I was too scared of messing it up. I opted for a swept back style chimney on the top of the helmet.

Step 7: Burn the Witch

Bored of grinding the paint off I decided to do a little test burn...

Step 8: More Grinding

After the fire had died and the burner had cooled I then grinded and polished the burner, coated it in two coats of ultra high temp clear coat and hit it with some black UHT detailing around the mouth and hamlet rim.

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3 years ago on Introduction

really great work. I presume the door for the wood to go in is at the back.?


4 years ago

Hats off to you. This is something else! Was it a 15 or 13kg cylinder? Awesome...


4 years ago

new 2 this site but very well done bud, say youve only been fabbin 9 months youve done a crackin job here, i make burners but not themed! may try doing a themed 1 next, you got anything else in the pipeline?


Yes I can make them to order, check out my facebook page and message me your details...


4 years ago on Introduction

Just the thing to keep my vacation home on Endor warm.

Brilliant big three:



Repurposed materials.

I may never make anything remotely this cool but I thank you for sharing it and making it look easy.


4 years ago on Introduction

Man,I just got a little 90 amp welder,that gives me something to shoot for,I would never rip off your design,but Ive got to try something along those lines.Great job!

2 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Duude...I started welding with a crapy arc welder that I bought from Lidl for £30...the best £30 I ever spent...I ended up winning a competition on here with one of my Vader burners and won the grand prize. I'm now rocking a dual mig welder which makes life much easier...have fun, I hope to see soke of your creations on here soon :)


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks bro,Im gonna sure enough take a wack at it,now that I see what art can be made out of really scrap.Keep the sparks flying dude.


4 years ago on Introduction

That turned out great! Me and my father have made several wood burning stoves over the years, but nothing like this. If you have any of the dementions of the parts you used to sculpt this I'd love to see them!