Stormy Weather Shelter

Intro: Stormy Weather Shelter

So I started out in the woods looking for a dip. So find a dip in the woods, like the first picture above. Next, find three sturdy logs that fit over the dip and make them spread out evenly. Then find three big branches that can reach all the way across the logs. So now it should look like a tic-tack-toe board. Oh yeah, make sure those branches are evenly spaced out, too. Then you just start filling in the squares with sticks as big as the ones it's laying on top of, or a little smaller, but again, it has to reach all the way across the other three. There is a second picture above that explains it. And you just keep filing in the squares until you think it's good.


  • three logs
  • a dip in the woods
  • slate, little sticks,or pine branches or all
  • birch bark
  • branches
  • sticks

Step 1:

Now it should look some-what like the first picture above( the picture had a one on it to tell witch picture). See the big log crossing over one of the first logs? It has birch on it. You don't have to do this but it's stronger and warmer if you fill in the side that has the most holes with an extra log. To fill in the holes on the sides even more I did slabs of slate or little sticks( it's shown in the second picture). You can even snap off some pine branches to help.

The third picture shows the roof and birch bark on top of the roof. Find some of that to fill in holes on the roof. Next, find a not really heavy branch but heavy enough to hold the birch down. Lay that branch across all the others and onto the bark to keep it from blowing away. You can put as much bark as you want. . So, you can just keep making it as cozy as you want! Also, you can put leaves on in and lots of brush on top of that to hold the leaves down. Also, you can stuff the inside with leaves to keep you even more warm. And then your finished!



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    With all those leaves around a thick layer of leaves over the top wouldn't hurt things either. Leaves then another layer of brush to hold them down and you should sleep snug and dry. Don't forget a nice thick layer of dry leaves inside too to sleep on.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Nothing's better than a fort in the woods!! You've got my vote... Thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    One never knows when an emergency situation will crash in on us, and having an idea of how to deal with the basics like food, shelter, water, is always a plus; makes living the good days even better...with that fear well in control by advance prep! Great instructable!

    1 reply