Story-teller Lamp




Introduction: Story-teller Lamp

For this contest I created a lamp for children.
This lamp has a wooden base and a lampshade made of a "son" of the wood: the paper.
This project isn't only a lamp but also a "story teller". What does this mean?
let's start and find it out together!

what you need:

A plank of wood (2x100x0,5 cm)
A wooden cylinder (0,8x100 cm)
A ring of wood (0,1x7 cm)
3 hinges (2x4x0,1 cm)
12 screws (0.5x0.2 cm)
3 sheets (21x15 cm)
3 transparent sheets (21x20 cm)
black tratto pen
super attak
a base of a lamp

Step 1: Story-teller Lamp

For the base of the lamp cut the plank in three axes to 17 cm.
 Now use the Hinges and the screws and  stitch them together.
 At this point create a gap in one side.
 Cut three wooden cylinders of 17 cm and fix them in the corners with the attak.

Step 2: Story-teller Lamp

Take the ring of wood and create a gap in order to make a passage for the wire.
Now fix the base of the lamp at the ring.

Step 3: Story-teller Lamp

For the lampshade I chose to rapresent the story of "the Frog prince".
You can rapresent the story you want, the important is the concept:
Some part of the representations will be visible only when you will turn on the lamp.
So draw the visible part on the sheets and the invisible on the transparents ones.
Fix them togheter in order to ceate a "tape of the story".

Step 4: Story-teller Lamp

To finish the lamp put the bulb inside the lampshade and turn on the light.

Step 5: Story-teller Lamp

As you can see the story of "the Frog prince" appears.

Step 6: Story-teller Lamp

And Now make your own story and enjoy your lamp!

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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 6

    Clever and attractive. Bravo!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks all of you for the compliments and the advices! you are so kind!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that's great! I agree with jessyratfink - it's a bit hard to tell from the current main image what the project is.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh how cute! You should post the image of the lit-up lamp as the main image - it looks great and I bet lots of folks would click. :D