Introduction: Stow

Stow is an easy to make entryway storage product for the things that travel with you. It helps you to remember the things you need on the way out, and offers a space to put them when you come back in.

Step 1: Materials

1 cardboard mailer/poster tube at least 3” diameter
1 hand drill with some bits
1 tape measure or ruler
2 drywall anchors (if screwing into drywall)
2 screws
2 washers
1 pencil

* If you haven’t got a colored tube or you just don't like the color you've got, you can easily cover it with colored/patterned paper using just about any common adhesive to give it a fresh look.

Step 2: Measure

Use a tape measure or ruler to mark a spot for each screw, making sure the marks are in line to prevent a tilted mount job later on. I made my marks about 1” from either edge so that the screws would be less visible. A 1/2” would do just as well. Just know that the further you come in, the more difficult mounting will be.

Step 3: Mount

Measure the distance between your screw marks and transfer that measurement to the wall. Choose a height that feels comfortable. Mine felt right at about 49 1/2”. Drill wall holes for the screws and insert anchors if necessary. Slip a washer onto each of the screws, and mount your tube to the wall.

Step 4: Stow

The rigidity of the cardboard allows for a decent amount of objects to be stowed on top and inside the tube. Objects on top neatly tuck themselves into the tapered space between the tube and the wall, leaving them mostly exposed for quick access. I find that the inside of the tube is a great place for storing reusable bags, still one of the hardest things to remember on the way out. Enjoy!

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