Strandbeest Rocket Launcher [Fireworks]

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First of all, I don't necessarily recommend that you attempt to duplicate this project, but how I made this contraption is in the video above.

The important elements are:

  • Nitinol wire - to get hot enough to ignite fuse
  • Lever Nuts - hold the Nitinol wire. Really impressed with these, as they can be used with an extremely impressive 12 - 28 AWG wire range.
  • 3D Printed frame to hold the electronics and fit in between the 'beests legs
  • Arduino Nano and relays used for control
  • Strandbeest kit

Step 1: Files

Here is the Arduino and 3D printing files that I used.

Neither is optimized, so use at your own discretion.

Printed on a Monoprice Maker Select mini V2.

*Note that Amazon links on this writeup are affiliate and that the Arduino Nanos linked may not be from the same manufacturer as used here.



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