Stranger Things Christmas Light Wall

Introduction: Stranger Things Christmas Light Wall

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After watch the "Stranger Things", I want to make a led wall...

Then I try to use the blinky pixel light to make it.

Then when i realize the light is not so bright enough for the scale size, then i go back to instructable and find Akin Yildizi "Stranger Things Interactive Wall Art by Akin Yildiz in homehalloween" article and try to print the artwork and use other neon pixel and blinky tape controller and make one

Why I choose the blinkytape controller version?

--- Because the software is pattern paint from blinkinlabs which i don't need to learn coding but drawing the color i want to make the pattern. It is really easy.

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Step 1: Materials:

Wall version

Blinky pixels, which build in a blinkytape controller and 50 neon pixel lights.

If you don't have it but you have the adafruit "12mm Diffused Thin Digital RGB LED Pixels (Strand of 25) - WS2801" pixel light, you can plus blinkytape controller for the neon piexl light control and use the free software pattern paint.

photo frame version

SK6812 s shape led strip/ neon pixel strips

Blinkytape controller

Step 2: How---

1. Wall version

use the tape to attach the pixel to the wall. so do to letters.

2. photo frame version

use the masking tape to mount the sk6812 s shape led strip to the paper. Connect the blinkytape controller to the strips with jst connector


pattern paint

You need to remember each letter's address. Then draw the color on the pattern paint software. You can select the color and pattern and speed on pattern paint and save it to the controller. After that you can use the phone charger for power.

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