Stranger Things Demogorgon Halloween Makeup Tutorial




Introduction: Stranger Things Demogorgon Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Straight from the awesome TV-Series Stranger Things comes this Stranger Things Demogorgon Halloween Makeup Tutorial. This is part one with the monster having an open mouth. Learn how to create the evil and epic jaws from the Demogorgon. This tutorial requires intermediate skills and will take quite a while to recreate but it’s worth the effort for sure. Cause who doesn’t want to be a Stranger Things Demogorgon?



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    5 Discussions

    This is great! Is there any other medium to build this other than latex? I'm allergic but I would love to try to make it!

    Amazing! I was hoping to see some cool demagorgon costume ideas this year.

    Well done! :)

    :) great job!

    Thanks for this, I will be doing this on my kids!!

    This is awesome!!!! Too bad i dont have any latex or the colored makeup or i'd be making this right now!