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Introduction: Stranger Things LED Shirt

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The original idea came from Imgur user MrWalkWay's design I used a little help from several other tutorials, but overall I did everything using the help of my teachers and the manufacturer resources for the LED's

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Step 1: Find a Shirt

So I tried to stick to the originial design and I found a beige shirt at the thrift store, if you have an old used shirt or anything like that it should work.

Step 2: Screen Printing

There are various ways you can get your lettering on your shirt, since I have access to screen printing equipment I chose to put the letters on this way.

I made the design of the Alphabet using Something Strange Font

Once I printed out the font I cut it into pieces and put oil on it so the plain paper would become translucent but the black lettering wouldn't let light pass through

You can also just print onto film paper but this is a cheaper way to get the desired results.

Once you coated your screen with emulsion you take it and put onto a light box which hardens the emulsion that light goes through, this is how you get your basic stencil of the letters.

The next step is to take your screen and wash out the left over emulsion, you wash off the emulsion and then you can see your design, which is pretty neat.

So now you take your screen and set it up, get your shirt and place it under the screen so that the design will go where you want it.

it's important to remember to use fabric ink or else it might wash off easy or just not bind to the shirt.

You print, then take the shirt out and whoola, a beautiful design!

Then you wash out your screen and if you have the time wash the emulsion out as well.

Step 3: Wiring

To wire you should know that the Red line in voltage, the blue line is ground, the yellow is data and the green is clock. The wiring isn't very difficult and can be done without soldering as there is both a male and a female end.

I connected my yellow into pin 2 and my green into pin 3.

You should also keep in mind that the LEDs should not receive more than 5 volts, this can damage and harm them. For this project I used an Arduino Uno but you can use any arduino device easily.

the picture above is a fritzing diagram I made, the colors should all coordinate

Step 4: The Lights

For this I used adafruit strand LEDs I sewed the LED's in like you would a button. Bring the the needle and thread around the point you want to be held in place, then thread the needle through the loop several times over and it should knot on its own.

After sewing the lights in i worked on the code in the Arduino IDE, right now the message says "Go Lane" but by changing the number of the LED in the strand you can easily make it say whatever you please.

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