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Using a Glowforge laser cutter I made a layered, resin filled Stranger Things Shadow Box from a drawing originally created by alcateiaart out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I used my iPad to trace out the designs I wanted, took the layers into the computer to create the laser cutting files then went to building. I used Promarine Resin (link on our website) to fill each layer. I hit a major snag when I applied WAY too much super glue to finish the piece. After a lot of careful sanding the shadow box was complete and looks great on our shelf.

Glowforge Referral Link:

For the cut files, head over to Links to tools used in this build: FOLLOW:


Head over to for all the build files as well as the tools used!

Step 1: YouTube Build Video

Here is the entire build process! Please comment what you think and subscribe for more! This was our first build video. We plan on using a better quality camera on some of the wide shots but are very happy with the top down shots

Step 2: Create the Design

I started by working off of an inspiration piece. I saw a silhouette photo that really drew me in and decided to start from there. I decided to find a different Image to use for the Kids on the acrylic layer because I wanted them to be running rather than standing still.

After I traced out all my layers on Sketchbook with my apple pencil I exported all the files as Photoshop documents. In Photoshop (or gimp) I cleaned up the layers then copied and pasted them into Inkscape. I found the Stranger Things Logo and made it into a Bitmap image. Sent it all to the laser and started building!

Step 3: Laser Cut the Files and Start Pouring Resin

The build files are available on my website

I stained each layer of wood then started assembling the boxes. each layer was poured with resin. All items used are shown on our website as well under shop tools. We ran into a MAJOR mistake when I tried to finish the box using super glue. I put way too much causing it to pool and with no access to air under the acrylic, it moved under the top layer like water. I decided to take it all apart. when we did, the super glue INSTANTLY dried. I remade the top acrylic piece, went through the process of sanding the resin layers and then rebuilt the frame.

What's a project without a disaster!!

Heres link to me going through ALLLLL that sanding

Step 4: Show Off the Finished Project

Overall the finished product looks really beautiful. I want to drill into the back and put some LEDs to really make it pop but that's for another day!

When using lasers, precision is just insane. It definitely did all the work, I just did my best to make it all come together. Share with your friends! Vote for me in the Fandom Costest. Watch Season three 7/4/19

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    12 days ago

    This is so cool! I don't know anything about laser cutters or how to use them, but this looks amazing! ST forever!

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    Reply 9 days ago

    I didn't either until I got my glowforge and I couldn't be happier!