Strap-Hanging for Toddlers




Introduction: Strap-Hanging for Toddlers

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Over the years, we have done on buses and underground trains with our children.

These days, they are older, and perfectly capable of surviving the trip without trouble, but when they were smaller, things were more difficult: with no space for a pushchair, and frequently no space to sit, we had to carry them. This created more problems, because we then had no hands free to strap-hang ourselves. 

This is a simple Make that frees up your hands, and gives your children a bit of safe independence. 

Step 1: Materials

In the very simplest form, all you need is some cord, but, following extensive market research*, I used about a metre of 10mm "general purpose" rope, and a short piece of 15mm PVC conduit. I also added a slight curve to the conduit by softening it slightly in boiling water.

(*I asked Conker-X)

Step 2: Making

This is incredibly simple - you just thread the rope through the pipe, and tie a knot. I used a reef knot.

Step 3: Using.

To use the strap, thread the knot up behind your belt to make a loop, thread the handle through that loop and pull tight. You will then have a handy strap that your small child can use safely and comfortably.



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    This is exactly the type of instructable I was looking for today! I was looking for something that my daughter can hold on to while standing next to me as an alternative to the carrier I have, and besides my poor idea of making a carrier that straps her to my leg, I didn't have a leg to stand on. I want her to stand with me, and give her something to hold on to while she takes a step, or kicks a small soccer ball. I'm now going to make this as soon as I get home.

    1 reply

    Cool - post a picture, if you can!

    This is a great idea! Although my small person really likes piggybacks, so I might make two and use them as stirrups :)

    1 reply

    I'm 15, so I don't have kids. But I'm curious, does the child hang onto the pipe? Or do you set the child on it? Thanks in advance!

    1 reply

    Good question!

    The young one stands beside you, and holds the pipe section, just like the grown-ups.

    (Isn't commuting by train or bus called "strap hanging" in other countries?)

    Your instructable made perfect sense once I read it-- here are my thoughts: "oh yes, strap hanging = commuting on a mass transit! I understand!"

    Silly me for thinking about those other things!!

    Belts (well-loved ones, at least) break, and not all toddlers are that light... ;-D

    This is very useful, in public transit and crowded places like fairs. May be someone should add some electronics to it and embed a sensor such that if the kid looses the grip, it rings an alarm :[)
    Thank you so much for sharing, you are awesome.