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Ghost Stories is one of my favorite collaborative board games. For 1 - 4 players, you each play taoist priests with special powers designed to help you protect the local villagers from ghosts. The game can be very challenging to win and has a pretty steep learning curve. I decided to create this video to help anyone familiar with the game learn one strategy to win. 

I created this tutorial with the iPad version of the game. The rules are identical to the tabletop version, the only difference being that the iOS version only supports two active players. The major bonus to playing this on the iPad is that all the mechanics of the game are automated, so if you're unsure on how certain aspects of the game play out, the computer does it for you. It's a fantastic way to learn the game!

This strategy video is really geared towards those who have played at least once and are familiar with the basic rules. If you're curious about the game, I highly recommend watching Grudunza's game review on YouTube. His videos provide a great overview of the game rules and really compliment the rulebook.


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    When it said ghost stories, I thought it was real ghost stories.
    Have you read any of the stories I wrote like, “The Ghosts of Blood River”, or

    The Curse of the Faceless Woman

    Lost in time, this story is told,
    about a woman, dark and bold.
    She walks the streets on a foggy night,
    with a hood on her head to hide from sight.

    Her story starts one summer’s eve,
    beside a lake an evil deed.
    A thief stole her daughter’s life,
    and filled her soul with pain and strife.

    On a moonlit night along the shore,
    two young lovers walked and more.
    In each other’s arms that night,
    they talked of love and held on tight.

    In the morning they were found,
    their hands and feet with rope were bound.
    Eyes wide open a vacant stare,
    their souls are gone and no ones there.

    The police did search for the one,
    an evil deed to be undone.
    In vain they search to no avail,
    their efforts weak, lost and pale.

    A mothers heart broken and splayed,
    a debt to justice went unpaid.
    She walked the streets at night alone,
    to make the sinners pay and atone.

    She searched the shores by day and night,
    a vain attempt to make things right.
    And then one early morning dawn,
    she was found her spirit gone.

    On foggy nights times untold,
    she walks the streets dark and bold.
    She only walks the streets at night,
    within the fog to hide her flight.

    All clad in black she walks alone,
    an evil soul she’ll make atone.
    She walks among the starless night,
    sometimes seen beneath the bright streetlight.

    All children know to be aware,
    least they see her standing there.
    They hurry home at the approach of night,
    sure that they would die at her sight.

    So in the night if you should see,
    a woman in black listen to me.
    Look not at her face I say,
    or with your soul you shall pay.

    Josehf Lloyd Murchison

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Woah! Great instructable, just out of my understanding level. Maybe it's just 'cause I've never played it.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there,

    Yeah... when I started to make the video I was hoping I could include basic game rules, but it became apparent early going that the video would be waaaay to long!

    This is a seriously fun game to play. So whether you had an iPad or can pick up the board game itself, it's all good.

    I'll be doing another video on one of the expansion packs to this game, so stay tuned!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing! Nice tutorial! I will share this with my daughter she will appreciate it. Have a splendorous day!