Straw Man

Japanese traditional doll

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Step 1: Supplies

・a sheaf of straw

・hemp twine ( favorite color )


・ruler ( Not absolutely necessary )

Step 2: Cut Ingredients

・Divide into a sheaf of straw and cut the ears of them.

・Cut the hemp twine. (about 20 inches ×12)

Step 3: Tie Up [ Arm ]

・Tie up a sheaf of straw in 4 placese.

tip:make it easy to use your foot.

Step 4: Tie Up [ Body ]

Tie up the other one in 2 places.

Step 5: Join One Sheaf to Another

and tie up 2plases.

Step 6: Make Legs

Step 7: Cut Off the Excess With a Scissors

All done!!!

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    1 year ago

    Nice and simple, well done! :)