Strawbee Ballista




Strawbees are plastic pieces that can be used to connect standard size drinking straws. At a local Hack Space we tried to build a catapult with these connectors, straws, rubber bands and other miscellaneous items.

My design is a ballista (closer to a crossbow in design than a catapult)

Step 1: Main Beam

The main structure consists of 5 equal length straws joined at both ends with a 5 joint. This provides significant compressive strength.

Step 2: Side Support

Two straws are inserted at one end and spread to form a triangle. At the front they are connected by another straw.

Step 3: Legs

The legs at the front serve mainly to raise the front of the ballista to the correct height. They do not provide structural support.

Step 4: Rubber Band

One or more rubber bands can be hooked into the main beam. Firing is done like a slingshot: The projectile is lodged at one end, pulled back and released. A golf sized airflow ball was launched approximately 10m on the first shot.



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